Field Methods

Poster sessions

April 5 and April 7, 2021

6 to 8 pm

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April 5

  1. Anissa Baird, “Lingal’Elision: Linguistic Factors of Elision in Lingala”
  2. Joey Balke, Evidentiality in Lingala
  3. Laurestine Bradford, “Frames of Reference in Lingala Spatial Relations”
  1. Lorraine Chen, “Naming colors in Lingala”
  2. Ibrahim El-Rayes, “Wh-constructions in Lingala”
  3. Emma Hasaralejko “The Role of Prosody in Intensification in Lingala”
  4. Christopher Legerme, “Comparatives in Lingala”
  5. Camille Baker Lehnen, “Count/Mass Distinction in Lingala and Coercion of Mass Nouns”
  6. Justin Leung, “Ordering multiple attributive adjectives in Lingala”
  7. Guilherme Akio Teruya, “Applicativization in Lingala”

April 7

  1. Dario Erreis, “Reduplicating in Lingala”
  2. Xinyi (Yvonna) Ma “Case marking system in Lingala”
  3. Ryan MacDonald, “Tense & Aspect in Lingala: the morphemes /zo-/ and /ko-/”
  4. Adrienne Mak, “Word-Initial Consonant Clusters in Lingala”
  5. Jingyi Niu, “Past Tense in Lingala”
  6. Jialiang (Justin) Ren, “The Morpheme of Verb in Lingala and the Order of Them”
  1. Amanda Smith, “Adverbial Reduplication in Lingala”
  2. Shankhalika Srikanth, “Morphophonological determiners of the realization of plural nouns in Lingala”
  3. Talia Tahtadjian, “Arc-en-likoló: The semantics of the Lingala rainbow”

10. Kirin Tang “Reciprocity in Lingala verbs”